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News: Changelog #9
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Changelog #9

Whats New?
-Debug of character at Training Area has been fixed
-Magic / Healing attributes has been fixed( they will add static damage/healing )
-God Of Thunder Pet spell has been fixed
-Selling house command works properly now
-Crystal Box gems gained 100% chance while upgrading item to first tier:
*It will be impossible to remove base attributes from item in case of failing first chance of enchantement
-Support pets will not stop walking anymore, when you attack target
-Pet Armors / Helmets has been added to buying list of Gheed NPC
-Massive Team Battle event fix:
*All players will be assigned to teams in blue / red colour outfits, including Paperdoll outfit.
-Attack Speed attribute description update:
*Before: AS 1800 ( which was 10% attack speed )
*Now: Attack Speed +10% which is way more clear
*Lifesteal will work now properly on all monsters
*Glitch at entrace of Rorina Part 3 doors at surface of Fibula fixed

All of these changes will be implemented during upcoming server save.

07.05.19 05:26:14
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