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News: Changelog #8
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GOD Ragnar
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Changelog #8

Whats new?
*Following outfits bonuses has been nerfed/boosted
-Papeerdoll, Archer, Aristocrat, Inquisitor, Royal Guard, Pyromancer, Demon Slayer
More details at WIKI:
*Rarity system has been reworked:
-Issue with items dropped as rare/epic without additional stats is fixed.
*Armors / Legs / Helmets / Boots / gained chance to get extra attributes instead of only extra armor/def, such as:
-Magic Power, Healing Power, Magic Levels
*Npc Hermes has been added to all temples
*Training rooms revamped / client debug issue is fixed
*Tile Depot at Heavenia fixed ( show properly amount of items )
*Ancient Traveler NPC ( Golden Tokens Exchanger ) has been updated, special window with his offer has been added.


05.05.19 05:32:41
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Gm, and enchanted wand??

05.05.19 05:57:26
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