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News: World / Client Update
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World / Client Update

                                          MAINTENANCE TIME 20:30 - 21:00 CEST

                                                     Download new client HERE

Client update : 
-Battle Window new features : 
*Sort by name, distance, age, health
*Hide Party Members
*Hide Non-skull Players
*Hide Monsters
*Hide NPCS
*Hide Players
-Over 300 paperdoll items has been revamped
-Debug issue with too many players on screen has been fixed
-Information about auction fee has been added to shop - auctions
-New attributes (magic damage and healing power ) has been added to tooltip
*Following shop items prices has been lowered:
-Fire Egg 50 -> 30 points
-Poison Egg 50 -> 30 points
-Ice Egg 50 -> 30 points
-Pet Evolution Stone 40 -> 20 points
-Pet Name Change Scroll 20 -> 10 points
-Medium Egg Nurture Potion 7 -> 5 points
-Big Egg Nurture Potion 10 -> 7 points
-Ultimate Egg Nurture Potion 20 -> 10 points
-Ultimate Mood Potion 10 -> 9 points
-Mighty Warrior Outfit Scroll 40 -> 30 points
-Paperdoll Outfit Scroll 100 -> 65 points
-Teemo Tools 20 -> 15 points

World update : 
-After using revive stone on your pet, there will be no cooldown for putting the pet again on slot. 
-Lifesteal will work properly on all kind of items
-Issue with disappearing pet equipment fixed
-Pets will deal now 50% of dmg on PVP ( right now it was the same damage to monsters/players ) 
-Attacking pet of another player will result in white skull + 1 minute of pz 
-Tasks issue with pets has been fixed
-Forgiven amulet drop will have now 2 charges
-Training weapons speed has been increased 30% -> 40%

29.04.19 15:29:58
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I pay 50 points for fire dragon pet, i will receive 20 points?

29.04.19 15:44:29
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