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News: Soul Eating Event Season #2
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Soul Eating Event Season #2

27.04.2019 - 4.05.2019

You can drain monsters souls using Soul Eater 7795.png
How to obtain Soul Eater?
Buy it from Store or NPC Dark Traveler ( first floor of Ancient Traveler shop )
How to "eat souls" ?
Simply use one of drained Soul Essences  7793.gif
After eating souls, your ranking will update on relog.
What are the rewards ?
Check the latest ranking for actual rewards

Game fixes/Changes
-Rorina Part 4 doors fixed
-Bracelet Chest at Rorina Part 4 fixed
-Dragon hole at Valkyries Thais fixed
-Poison Dragon keeps the distance
-Shields are now enchantable via gems from Mysterious Boxes

27.04.19 06:08:34
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