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News: Game Update
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Game Update

                                                New client is required - visit download section
Map changes:

* Adjustments to Diamond Island(more to come)
* Completely revamped Lizards/Draken spawn in Venore( new quest included ).
* Revamped wolf/orc cave south of Thais.
* Bugged houses in Fibula fixed.
* Completely revamped Wyrm Spawn in Edron
* New Beholder spawn in Thais
* Other minor mapchanges all over.
* Rorina 4 doors possibility to walk back

Game Changes/Fixes :
-Fixed visual issue gems adding atk to shields
-Red Skull remover useable only in PZ
-90 New paperdoll items, Pyromancer legs fixed
-Dark Knife updated, new effect will show up, and mark skinned/nonskinned monsters
-Trashing houses protection
-Monster Points system reworked - CHECK WIKI
-Shiny wand will be useable only by mages/druids
-Add Team Hunts channel
-Paypal bill removed from shop and exchanged with WAT Coins
-Red Robe, Demonbone are sellable to NPC Gheed
-Bug with 2 crossbows shooting spears at arrow slot fixed
-Hunter armor 10% mana bonus fixed
-Diamond castle entrace will be automatically closed after killing main boss
-Pet Holy Charge spell damage increased
-Pet Draconic Curse spell damage increased, time lowered

New Features :
-Added reroll crystals which will reroll stats at your rare/epic/legendary items:
*Rare reroll crystal
*Epic reroll crystal
*Legendary reroll crystal
*Reroll crystals are buyable at Cursed Blacksmith ( Thais ) 
-WAT Coins in package of 5 coins per 50 points. ( 1 coin = 10 points = 10 points )
-New monsters are added to Monster Point System

-Hermes Boxes has been added in game CHECK WIKI


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