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News: Changelog #11
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GOD Ragnar
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Changelog #11

First of all - some of players are getting hacked. How to avoid getting hacked?
Make sure to don't use the same password like you have used before on ANY other server
Change your password now, to make sure you are safe.

Client update - download newest 12/05/2019 HERE
-Over 30 missing items has been added, every wearable item in game will work properly
-Over 50 items has been reworked, missing animations has been added to items(Shiny armor, Diamond Armor, Ice legs ,Pyromancer Boots, Angel Bow, Heavenly Crossow, Frost Bow, Fire Crossbow, Diamond Spear)

12.05.19 05:48:52
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Dark Angeln

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tp us all to temple you going to get us kill

12.05.19 06:20:03
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