Due to unexpected issue the world is under maintenance. Estimated fix time 19:00 CEST

21 Jul 2019
Rarity Event

During the event everyone will have +50% chances to loot :
*Rare items
*Epic items
*Legendary items
The event will start after saturday SS 22:00 CEST and will last untill monday SS at 22.00 CEST

20 Jul 2019

Due to unexpected issues, world will be restored to previous state from before update, untill we fix reported issues which will take arround 2-3 days.
Sorry for the inconvenience, 3 extra days of golden account has been added to everyone.
You can use old client from a state before update.
If you don't have it anymore you can download it here :

17 Jul 2019
Changelog #20

Whats New?

Web changes :
-Wiki Monsters section has been updated
-BTC Payments bonuses has been added
-TC Payments bonuses has been added
Game changes:
-Most of classic spawns respawn rate has been lowered from 150 -> 60 seconds
-All kind of enchanting gems are now stackable
-Emergency exit teleports has been added to Carlin / Fibula Castle Raids
-Dark traveler NPC items are showing up now in crafting window
-LMS Event map has been revamped, hiding in corners won't be possible
Monster points system update :
-Solar and White Dragons will count also for Demodras instead of only Dragon Lords
-Red / Blue / Green / Yellow auraorbs visual effects has been updated
-New aura effect for wearing godly set
-New aura effect for wearing hunter set
-New aura effect for wearing inquisitor set
-Red Auraorb +1 skills -> +3 skills
-Blue Auraorb +1% physical protection -> +2% protection all
Revamped loot of following monsters :
-Inquisitor Adept, Apprentice, Scholar, Guard
-Witch Hunter
-Solar Dragon
Monster changes :
-Solar dragon 5000 exp -> 5500 exp
-Novice Frost Ogre 35k exp -> 40k exp
-Frost Ogre Warrior 40k exp -> 44k exp
-Frost Ogre Mage 45k exp -> 47k exp
Gem Crafting System:
-Alchemy Master NPC Zoroaster is located south from Thais Lighthouse.

All of the changes wiill be applied after SS at 22:00 CEST. 

04 Jul 2019
Changelog #19

Whats new?
-Couple of minor mapbugs fixed.
-Oasis tomb Rahemos level doors are fixed
-Bright sword quest map issues fixed
-Pet Golden set is added to Rorina 5 ( you can repeat the quest to obtain the set )
-Pet Cursed set is added to Rorina 6 ( you can repeat the quest to obtain the set )
-2 Mailboxes has been added at Nivalis hunting spawns
-1 Mailbox has been added at Carlin Black Knight spawn
-Angel ring 20 speed -> 4 magic levels, infinite mana shield
-Hunter Auraorb protections fixed
-Green auraorb - healing power +5% -> Healing Power +50 static
-Ice auraorb - healing power +20% -> Healing Power +300 static
-Poison dragon - healing power +10% -> Healing power +100 static
-Godly earrings changed to Healing Power +200 static
-Frozen Wand 25 mana points cost -> 15 mana points cost
-Frozen Axe 60 atk -> 58 atk, +6 axe 
-Frozen Blade 58 atk -> 55 atk +5 shielding / sword 
-Frozen Club 58 atk -> 55 atk +5 mag leve / +20% mp
*Location of golden key 2807 has been changed

21 Jun 2019
Global Save Hours !

In couple next days there will be 2 global saves daily instead of one.
First SS without changes at 12:00 CEST,
Second SS at 22:00 CEST
Also we have implemented limit in every container up to 5000 items per container(backpack, chest, box, bag etc.).

18 Jun 2019
Changelog #18

Whats new?

-Retargeting interval for most of monsters has been reworked.
Most of monsters won't change the target that often anymore.
-Ammunition prices changes:
*Iron bolt - 350 gp -> 250 gp
*Diamond Arrow 100 gp -> 60 gp
*Frozen Arrow 175 gp -> 110 gp
*Demonic Arrow 250 gp -> 170 gp
-Demonic / Toxic dragons damage is nerfed by arround 40%

14 Jun 2019
Changelog #17

Rebalancing of Nivalis:
Monsters - overall damage is nerfed by arround 40%, also the experience of certain monsters is increased.
*Frost Serpent 22k exp -> 28k exp
*Grown Frost Serpent 24k exp -> 34k exp
*Frost Hound 27k exp -> 35k exp
*Rabid Frost Hound 30k exp -> 38k exp
*Snow Wasp 35k hp -> 27k hp, 31k exp -> 36k exp
-Traveling to Diamond Island is possible now from Thais / Carlin / Venore boats.
-Players who finished Ice Crystal quest can travel directly to Nivalis from Thais boat.
-NPC Enroub.N at Nivalis boat will sail also to Thais

12 Jun 2019
Nivalis Update ! 14:30 CEST

Map changes :
1) Nivalis has been added, rumours say the boat from Diamond Island has been repaired.
2) Snake-tomb in Ankrahmun completly revamped.
3) A ton of minor mapbugs fixed.

Client changes : 
1)Loot channel available even at solo hunting
2)Pet window is customizable
3)You can ignore yourself
4)Messages limit history at all channels has been increased from 100 to 1000
5)4 New Paperdoll outfits are added

Pets changes : 
1)Pets support spells won't cause cooldown for attack spells ( Divine Diversion, Divine Heal ) 
2)Flash Freeze Ice Dragon spell has been reworked
3)Pets damage at PVP is reduced by 70%

Gameplay changes/fixes : 
1)Special notification with effect + colour at every dead monster which dropped pet items
2)LMS / MTB events issue with removing redskull is fixed
3)In some cases, when someone bought character you was bidding, point's didnt went back to your account - fixed.
4)Stacking magic power attribute while wearing Dark Dragon for example at hands / arrow slots - fixed.
5)Monster points - added group of monsters, for example Inquisitors - all kind of Inquisitors will count for Inquisitors monster points
6)Coal Basins are not moveable by monsters anymore
7)Pet evolution stone is added to Daenerys Targaryen NPC

08 Jun 2019
Game Of Egg Event #2

The weekly Diamond Island event this time will be special and unique ! 
Event time - 22:00 CEST 
During today Diamond Island Event, everyone who will survive to the end, except the main reward of silver tokens, will obtain also Dragon Egg and Aura Orb ! 
More info about Diamond Island Event can be found here

Required level 50+ 
MC is not allowed during the event, if anyone will be catched up mcing it will result in main account banishment.


02 Jun 2019
Changelog #14

Whats new?
- Pets won't be able to cast any area spells while main character staying at PZ zone
- Double frag issue after klling players using pet is fixed
- Rorina Part 3 quest room with lever reworked

30 May 2019
Changelog #13

- Revamped Old Hero, Blue Knights etc spawn in Jakundaf desert.
- Revamped Rorina Castle & Minotaur spawn below.
- Most of bossess loot slightly increased, exp decreased Wiki Bosses
- Bloody bow issue fixed

28 May 2019
Changelog #12

Whats new?
-Lightning storm pet spell fixed area
-Dark Dragon passive skill updated with 80 magic damage
-Rarity system / rerolling crystals page updated with all possibilities of rare/epic/legendary items at WIKI

26 May 2019
Game Update

                                                New client is required - visit download section
Map changes:

* Adjustments to Diamond Island(more to come)
* Completely revamped Lizards/Draken spawn in Venore( new quest included ).
* Revamped wolf/orc cave south of Thais.
* Bugged houses in Fibula fixed.
* Completely revamped Wyrm Spawn in Edron
* New Beholder spawn in Thais
* Other minor mapchanges all over.
* Rorina 4 doors possibility to walk back

Game Changes/Fixes :
-Fixed visual issue gems adding atk to shields
-Red Skull remover useable only in PZ
-90 New paperdoll items, Pyromancer legs fixed
-Dark Knife updated, new effect will show up, and mark skinned/nonskinned monsters
-Trashing houses protection
-Monster Points system reworked - CHECK WIKI
-Shiny wand will be useable only by mages/druids
-Add Team Hunts channel
-Paypal bill removed from shop and exchanged with WAT Coins
-Red Robe, Demonbone are sellable to NPC Gheed
-Bug with 2 crossbows shooting spears at arrow slot fixed
-Hunter armor 10% mana bonus fixed
-Diamond castle entrace will be automatically closed after killing main boss
-Pet Holy Charge spell damage increased
-Pet Draconic Curse spell damage increased, time lowered

New Features :
-Added reroll crystals which will reroll stats at your rare/epic/legendary items:
*Rare reroll crystal
*Epic reroll crystal
*Legendary reroll crystal
*Reroll crystals are buyable at Cursed Blacksmith ( Thais ) 
-WAT Coins in package of 5 coins per 50 points. ( 1 coin = 10 points = 10 points )
-New monsters are added to Monster Point System

-Hermes Boxes has been added in game CHECK WIKI


25 May 2019
Game Update

Today between 15:00 and 15:15 CEST the world will be under maintenance during the update. 
New client will be required, which will be released at the time. 

25 May 2019
World Maintenance

Estimated world maintenance end 22:00 CEST 

19 May 2019
Changelog #11

First of all - some of players are getting hacked. How to avoid getting hacked?
Make sure to don't use the same password like you have used before on ANY other server
Change your password now, to make sure you are safe.

Client update - download newest 12/05/2019 HERE
-Over 30 missing items has been added, every wearable item in game will work properly
-Over 50 items has been reworked, missing animations has been added to items(Shiny armor, Diamond Armor, Ice legs ,Pyromancer Boots, Angel Bow, Heavenly Crossow, Frost Bow, Fire Crossbow, Diamond Spear)

12 May 2019
Changelog #10

Whats New?
-Last hit on monster using Pet will show loot message
-Last hit on boss using Pet will spawn teleport properly ( raids )
-Pets are unable to cast target spells through walls
-Lightning Storm Pet spell area damage fixed
-Dark Wizard outfit gained +30 hp / +30 mp / +1 mlvl bonus
-Archer outfit gained +2 distance skill bonus

All of these changes will be implemented during upcoming server save.

09 May 2019
World Maintenance

Estimated world maintenance 20:00 - 21:30 CEST

08 May 2019
Changelog #9

Whats New?
-Debug of character at Training Area has been fixed
-Magic / Healing attributes has been fixed( they will add static damage/healing )
-God Of Thunder Pet spell has been fixed
-Selling house command works properly now
-Crystal Box gems gained 100% chance while upgrading item to first tier:
*It will be impossible to remove base attributes from item in case of failing first chance of enchantement
-Support pets will not stop walking anymore, when you attack target
-Pet Armors / Helmets has been added to buying list of Gheed NPC
-Massive Team Battle event fix:
*All players will be assigned to teams in blue / red colour outfits, including Paperdoll outfit.
-Attack Speed attribute description update:
*Before: AS 1800 ( which was 10% attack speed )
*Now: Attack Speed +10% which is way more clear
*Lifesteal will work now properly on all monsters
*Glitch at entrace of Rorina Part 3 doors at surface of Fibula fixed

All of these changes will be implemented during upcoming server save.

07 May 2019
Changelog #8

Whats new?
*Following outfits bonuses has been nerfed/boosted
-Papeerdoll, Archer, Aristocrat, Inquisitor, Royal Guard, Pyromancer, Demon Slayer
More details at WIKI:
*Rarity system has been reworked:
-Issue with items dropped as rare/epic without additional stats is fixed.
*Armors / Legs / Helmets / Boots / gained chance to get extra attributes instead of only extra armor/def, such as:
-Magic Power, Healing Power, Magic Levels
*Npc Hermes has been added to all temples
*Training rooms revamped / client debug issue is fixed
*Tile Depot at Heavenia fixed ( show properly amount of items )
*Ancient Traveler NPC ( Golden Tokens Exchanger ) has been updated, special window with his offer has been added.


05 May 2019
Double Event #1

+50% Experience ! 

Event time:
From 30.04 22:00 CEST till server save at 02.05.2018 

30 Apr 2019
World Maintenance



30 Apr 2019
World / Client Update

                                          MAINTENANCE TIME 20:30 - 21:00 CEST

                                                     Download new client HERE

Client update : 
-Battle Window new features : 
*Sort by name, distance, age, health
*Hide Party Members
*Hide Non-skull Players
*Hide Monsters
*Hide NPCS
*Hide Players
-Over 300 paperdoll items has been revamped
-Debug issue with too many players on screen has been fixed
-Information about auction fee has been added to shop - auctions
-New attributes (magic damage and healing power ) has been added to tooltip
*Following shop items prices has been lowered:
-Fire Egg 50 -> 30 points
-Poison Egg 50 -> 30 points
-Ice Egg 50 -> 30 points
-Pet Evolution Stone 40 -> 20 points
-Pet Name Change Scroll 20 -> 10 points
-Medium Egg Nurture Potion 7 -> 5 points
-Big Egg Nurture Potion 10 -> 7 points
-Ultimate Egg Nurture Potion 20 -> 10 points
-Ultimate Mood Potion 10 -> 9 points
-Mighty Warrior Outfit Scroll 40 -> 30 points
-Paperdoll Outfit Scroll 100 -> 65 points
-Teemo Tools 20 -> 15 points

World update : 
-After using revive stone on your pet, there will be no cooldown for putting the pet again on slot. 
-Lifesteal will work properly on all kind of items
-Issue with disappearing pet equipment fixed
-Pets will deal now 50% of dmg on PVP ( right now it was the same damage to monsters/players ) 
-Attacking pet of another player will result in white skull + 1 minute of pz 
-Tasks issue with pets has been fixed
-Forgiven amulet drop will have now 2 charges
-Training weapons speed has been increased 30% -> 40%

29 Apr 2019
Soul Eating Event Season #2

27.04.2019 - 4.05.2019

You can drain monsters souls using Soul Eater 7795.png
How to obtain Soul Eater?
Buy it from Store or NPC Dark Traveler ( first floor of Ancient Traveler shop )
How to "eat souls" ?
Simply use one of drained Soul Essences  7793.gif
After eating souls, your ranking will update on relog.
What are the rewards ?
Check the latest ranking for actual rewards

Game fixes/Changes
-Rorina Part 4 doors fixed
-Bracelet Chest at Rorina Part 4 fixed
-Dragon hole at Valkyries Thais fixed
-Poison Dragon keeps the distance
-Shields are now enchantable via gems from Mysterious Boxes

27 Apr 2019
Changelog #7

Whats new?
Next Season of Soul Eating Event will start at 27.04.2019 - 4.05.2019.

*Statistics of Bracelets/Earrings has been added to wiki items.
-Angel Wand, Imperial Wand fixed
-Stairs at Thais Minotaur Castle fixed
-Ice Earrings has been added to Frozemoth loot.
-Skull Earrings has been added to Mancubus Boss loot.
-Demonic Earrings has been added to Demon Fathers loot.
-Hunter Earrings has been added to Soul Hunters, Bloody Mages loot.
-Godly Earrings has been added to Rorina The Ancient One boss loot.
-Pyromancer Earrings has been added to Dantalion Boss loot.
Items listed below has been added to the quests as extra chest (rewards can be taken besides the main reward)
-Ice bracelet - Ice Dungeon
-Skull bracelet - Death Dungeon
-Demonic bracelet - Rorina Part 4 (Snake Dungeon)
-Hunter bracelet - Hell Dungeon
-Godly bracelet - Rorina part 5
-Pyromancer bracelet - Rorina part 6

26 Apr 2019
Changelog #6

Whats new?
Map Updates:
-New spawn of Cyclops / Cyclopilus at Thais South Part
-New small cemetery with low level spawns, just outside thais east gate, to the south.
-New Valkyrie spawn northwest of thais, where single Valkyrie is.
-Complete new castle south of thais by the water, inhabited by minotaurs.
-Added a little house with a level-door for Warlocks spawn southeast of thais.
All of changes will be implemented withing next server save.

23 Apr 2019
Changelog #5

Whats new?
-7 New Pet Armors and Helmets has been added to loot of some monsters / quests check more details at Pet Items Wiki
-Auto Trade Messenger working now properly
-Enchant Wand description updated

23 Apr 2019
Game Of Eggs !

The weekly Diamond Island event this time will be special and unique ! 
Event time - 22:00 CEST 
During today Diamond Island Event, everyone who will survive to the end, except the main reward of silver tokens, will obtain also unique and unobtainable till today Dragon Egg ! 
More info about Diamond Island Event can be found here

21 Apr 2019
Changelog #4

Whats new?
*Idle time of Crafting NPCS has been increased
*NPC Gheed got new location under Thais Depot
-New PETS crafting npc:
*NPC Daenerys Targaryen has been placed under Thais Depot (Pet items)
*Spellbinder Greatsaff adding now magic level
*Female Dark Wizard Outfit working properly ( everyone who used the scroll, can use the outfit already )
*Supreme Warlocks / Witch Agathas spawns at Demona has been revamped - new quest has been added
*Orbs are sellable at Haroun

21 Apr 2019
Soul Eater first season WINNERS

Congratulations for all participants of Soul Eating Event !
First season has ended up with following score : 

  • 1# My Nigga - 50$

  • 2# Szefmaras - 30$ 

  • 3# Tradbill - 20$

  • 4# Minister Smoker - 100 points

  • 5# Karetson- 50 points

Next season will be annoucemented with tomorrow update news.

20 Apr 2019
Changelog #3

Whats new?
*Tomorrow at server-save we will be migrating to new powerful dedicated machine, new client will be required.
*Teemo Tools has been fixed, working now on all kind of rope spots/pick holes etc.
*Selling items at NPC new rule :
While selling items to NPC, the NPC will always take firstly the items from backpack, instead of equipment ( weared )
*Pets mood drop 1 min - 0.5% -> 2 min - 0.5%
Before :
-Pets demanded for food every 10 min, then you had 1 minute to feed him otherwise he drops 16% of mood
-Pets will demand for food every 10 min, then you have 3 minutes to feed him, otherwise pet will drop 10% of mood instantly
*Pet Revive stone price lowered 20 shop points -> 5 shop points
*Training weapons price lowered 30 shop points -> 20 shop points
*Added description in shop for Training Weapons ( Duration )
*Added description in shop for Golden Accounts ( Bonuses )
*New spell for Grand Paladins
-Exevo Con Death ( 15 mlvl / 250 mana / conjuring 3 death bolts )
*Rarity system
-Distance stackable weapons like small stones we're losing stats after first wear - fixed.
-Legendary drops have possibility of getting 2 new powerful attributes :
*Healing Power %
*Magic Power %
-Loot chances has been increased
*Rare - 3%
*Epic - 1%
*Legendary - 0.3%

All the changes will be implemented with upcoming server save.

19 Apr 2019
Crafting System !
16 Apr 2019
Changelog #2

*Transferring points works properly now
*Character auctions are available
*Behaviour of monsters/players while getting blood hit has been fixed
*Training club issue has been fixed
*Chances of looting rare/epic/legendary items has been lowered

16 Apr 2019
100$ Event Winner

Congratulations to first level 100 ! 

Winner of 100$ PRIZE ! 


14 Apr 2019
Changelog #1

Whats new?
*Angry Minotaur, Minotaur Fighter damage increased
*Pet eggs show now exact time left for next nurturing
*Training weapons time has been increased from 8h to 20h

14 Apr 2019
Great Start !

To celebrate that great start of WAT world yesterday, we are reminding about Real Money Event ! 

14 Apr 2019
Official Client of WAT server !

Mirror #1 

Mirror # 2 

13 Apr 2019

Official WAT Client will be released tomorrow ! 

12 Apr 2019
New Era 13/04/2019 18:00 CEST

We have worked out advanced points refund system. Due to that existing accounts ( without characters ) from will be transferred to new world, so you can use at new world acc/pw from old world. 

Accounts has been not resetted, you can login using the same account from old world

1 ) Donations points refund system : 
Everyone will receive to their account 50-70% of total donations.
50 EUR + = 70% refund
20-49 EUR = 60% refund
1-19 EUR = 50% refund
For example, if you have donated at old world for 100 eur, you will get 700 points at new world. 
2) Level points refund system : 
Everyone depending on level at old world will receive extra points for his removed character.
From level 100 to 150 = 100 points
From level 151 to 200 = 200 points
From level 201 to 250 = 400 points
From level 251 to 300 = 700 points
From level 301 + = 1000 points

06 Apr 2019