World Maintenance

Estimated world maintenance end 22:00 CEST 

19 May 2019
Changelog #11

First of all - some of players are getting hacked. How to avoid getting hacked?
Make sure to don't use the same password like you have used before on ANY other server
Change your password now, to make sure you are safe.

Client update - download newest 12/05/2019 HERE
-Over 30 missing items has been added, every wearable item in game will work properly
-Over 50 items has been reworked, missing animations has been added to items(Shiny armor, Diamond Armor, Ice legs ,Pyromancer Boots, Angel Bow, Heavenly Crossow, Frost Bow, Fire Crossbow, Diamond Spear)

12 May 2019
Changelog #10

Whats New?
-Last hit on monster using Pet will show loot message
-Last hit on boss using Pet will spawn teleport properly ( raids )
-Pets are unable to cast target spells through walls
-Lightning Storm Pet spell area damage fixed
-Dark Wizard outfit gained +30 hp / +30 mp / +1 mlvl bonus
-Archer outfit gained +2 distance skill bonus

All of these changes will be implemented during upcoming server save.

09 May 2019
World Maintenance

Estimated world maintenance 20:00 - 21:30 CEST

08 May 2019
Changelog #9

Whats New?
-Debug of character at Training Area has been fixed
-Magic / Healing attributes has been fixed( they will add static damage/healing )
-God Of Thunder Pet spell has been fixed
-Selling house command works properly now
-Crystal Box gems gained 100% chance while upgrading item to first tier:
*It will be impossible to remove base attributes from item in case of failing first chance of enchantement
-Support pets will not stop walking anymore, when you attack target
-Pet Armors / Helmets has been added to buying list of Gheed NPC
-Massive Team Battle event fix:
*All players will be assigned to teams in blue / red colour outfits, including Paperdoll outfit.
-Attack Speed attribute description update:
*Before: AS 1800 ( which was 10% attack speed )
*Now: Attack Speed +10% which is way more clear
*Lifesteal will work now properly on all monsters
*Glitch at entrace of Rorina Part 3 doors at surface of Fibula fixed

All of these changes will be implemented during upcoming server save.

07 May 2019
Changelog #8

Whats new?
*Following outfits bonuses has been nerfed/boosted
-Papeerdoll, Archer, Aristocrat, Inquisitor, Royal Guard, Pyromancer, Demon Slayer
More details at WIKI:
*Rarity system has been reworked:
-Issue with items dropped as rare/epic without additional stats is fixed.
*Armors / Legs / Helmets / Boots / gained chance to get extra attributes instead of only extra armor/def, such as:
-Magic Power, Healing Power, Magic Levels
*Npc Hermes has been added to all temples
*Training rooms revamped / client debug issue is fixed
*Tile Depot at Heavenia fixed ( show properly amount of items )
*Ancient Traveler NPC ( Golden Tokens Exchanger ) has been updated, special window with his offer has been added.


05 May 2019