Game Of Eggs !

The weekly Diamond Island event this time will be special and unique ! 
Event time - 22:00 CEST 
During today Diamond Island Event, everyone who will survive to the end, except the main reward of silver tokens, will obtain also unique and unobtainable till today Dragon Egg ! 
More info about Diamond Island Event can be found here

21 Apr 2019
Changelog #4

Whats new?
*Idle time of Crafting NPCS has been increased
*NPC Gheed got new location under Thais Depot
-New PETS crafting npc:
*NPC Daenerys Targaryen has been placed under Thais Depot (Pet items)
*Spellbinder Greatsaff adding now magic level
*Female Dark Wizard Outfit working properly ( everyone who used the scroll, can use the outfit already )
*Supreme Warlocks / Witch Agathas spawns at Demona has been revamped - new quest has been added
*Orbs are sellable at Haroun

21 Apr 2019
Soul Eater first season WINNERS

Congratulations for all participants of Soul Eating Event !
First season has ended up with following score : 

  • 1# My Nigga - 50$

  • 2# Szefmaras - 30$ 

  • 3# Tradbill - 20$

  • 4# Minister Smoker - 100 points

  • 5# Karetson- 50 points

Next season will be annoucemented with tomorrow update news.

20 Apr 2019
Changelog #3

Whats new?
*Tomorrow at server-save we will be migrating to new powerful dedicated machine, new client will be required.
*Teemo Tools has been fixed, working now on all kind of rope spots/pick holes etc.
*Selling items at NPC new rule :
While selling items to NPC, the NPC will always take firstly the items from backpack, instead of equipment ( weared )
*Pets mood drop 1 min - 0.5% -> 2 min - 0.5%
Before :
-Pets demanded for food every 10 min, then you had 1 minute to feed him otherwise he drops 16% of mood
-Pets will demand for food every 10 min, then you have 3 minutes to feed him, otherwise pet will drop 10% of mood instantly
*Pet Revive stone price lowered 20 shop points -> 5 shop points
*Training weapons price lowered 30 shop points -> 20 shop points
*Added description in shop for Training Weapons ( Duration )
*Added description in shop for Golden Accounts ( Bonuses )
*New spell for Grand Paladins
-Exevo Con Death ( 15 mlvl / 250 mana / conjuring 3 death bolts )
*Rarity system
-Distance stackable weapons like small stones we're losing stats after first wear - fixed.
-Legendary drops have possibility of getting 2 new powerful attributes :
*Healing Power %
*Magic Power %
-Loot chances has been increased
*Rare - 3%
*Epic - 1%
*Legendary - 0.3%

All the changes will be implemented with upcoming server save.

19 Apr 2019
Crafting System !
16 Apr 2019