As recompensation of last issues with crash, from saturday server save 15.12 till next server save at monday 17.12 there will be +50% loot event.
Also everyone received extra 3 days of golden account.

10 Dec 2018
Server Maintenance

Server will be under maintenance for approx 30 minutes due to crash fix.


Server is online again with fixed crash bug. Also last 2 updates are not included, we will have to review everything that has been implemented, since one of things from update caused the crash. Sorry for the inconvenience, actually its a second time in over a year where the server had crash issue. I will make sure that won't happen again.
Also due to that issue there will be compensation for everyone which about i will write soon.

10 Dec 2018

-Fibula Castle is now normmal PvP zone. 
-Rorina Part 4 last room revamped Ghazbaran is replaced by Jormungandr ( new boss )
-Hell Dungeon last room revamped Morgaroth is replaced by Haborym ( new boss ) 
-Morgaroth , Ghazbaran from now will be only Raid Monsters.
-Teleports from bosses of castle raids timer 2 min -> 10 min
-New area with Furys, Tibia Explorers, Skull Demons added to location 6 
-New area with Frostwings added to location 17
-New tasks added: Frostwings, Skull Demons, Furys

Several people got hacked on WAT servers. Please make sure that you do not use the same password as in other OTservers. If you do - change your password right now to avoid getting hacked. 

07 Dec 2018
Update / Fixes

-Teleport at Witch Agatha is fixed
-Level limits on Fibula Castle has been removed
-Added NPC Naldward in Diamond Prison, which sells diamond arrows/spears ( you need to complete
mission from Diamond Digger first )
-Added NPC Okhar at entrace of Diamond Prison, where you can buy unliimted access ( ask him for
diamond prison / access )
-All healing spells remove paralyze, even while walking
-Sudden Death rune got old formula again
-Heal Friend spell boosted
-Spawns of Black Templars and Hero HighGuards are reworked
-Exhausted of aggresive runes back to 1600, healing 900
-New item: Ice amulet, 15% ice protection 200 charges (drops from astaroth+astarith)
-New item: Frozen shield, 7% ice protection 34 def (drops from astaroth+astarith, frostwing)
-New item: Frozen plate legs, 8% ice protection 9 arm (drops from astaroth+astarith)
-New item: Frozen Sword 49/34
-New item: Dragon Slayer 44/28 2 handed (drops from astaroth/astarith and frost dragons)
-New item: Frost Dagger, replaces Icy sword and now
shows how many charges left. (drops from astaroth, astarith, frostwing, blue knight)
-New item: Skull axe 52/31 10% attack speed (drops extremely rarely from skull demon and very rarely
from rorina the ancient one)
-Hat of the Mad armor fixed from 1 to 3
-Blood Axe def from 35 to 30

-Grudul the Cruel reworked
-Meryhathor reworked
-Astaroth & Astarith reworked
-Mancubus reworked
-Dhampir reworked (lacking a body)
-Some minor adjustments to old hero, supreme warlocks, tibia explorer and few other

-Added sprites for 7.4 deco wands
-Replaced Crystal spider sprite
-Added hydra ham and frozen ham
-Added rune emblem backpacks
-New sprites for godly set and heavenly weapons

-Demons now drop Coconuts
-Warlocks now drop Wand of Might (deco)
-Necromancers now drop Conjurer Wand (deco)
-Behemoths now drop Green Spellwand
-Fire devils now drop Red Spellwand
-Orc shamans now drop Blue Spellwand

05 Dec 2018
Money Contest

Update 03.12.2018
Congratulations for the top 3 players.
1. Valio won 50$ with level 250
2. Payback Il won 25$ with level 239
3. King Of Lords won 100 points with level 226

We will give the rewards at 03.12.2018 to the TOP 3 Highest Levels Players !
1. 50$ 
2. 25$
3. 100 shop points
Happy Power-Gaming !
update 30.11.2018 - 
3 days left ! 

09 Nov 2018
Update / Fixes

*Balance fixes:
-Only Sorcerers and Druids are able to use Sudden Mort Runes.
-Power Bolts weakened
-Death Bolts weakened
-Burst Arrows now have accurate formula
*Monster Changes:
-White Dragons, Black Templars, Hero Highguards, Solar Dragons, Undead Hydras, Supreme Warlocks, Witch Agatha have had loot changes.
-Hero Highguard and Black Templars were also reworked into high-end(level 150+ recommended) monsters.
-For more information take a look at our monsters section in the wiki.
*Added new items:
-Hydra Scale Legs (2 health per second regeneration), dropped by undead hydras.
-Heroic Shield (6% physical protection 37 def), dropped by hero highguards.
-Hunter's Spear (40atk, 18 cap), dropped by hero highguards.
-Guardian Boots (3 armor, 2% physical, 5% fire, +10 speed), dropped by solar dragons.
*Spells/Runes fixes:
-Death wave (exevo death hur) mana from 250 to 280
-Fixed energy beam (exevo vis lux) mana from 40 to 100, updated to accurate formula
-Mini heal friend (exura sio mini) mana from 10 to 20, updated and formula
-UH and IH exhaustion from 1100 to 1000
-Destroy Field rune, Desintegrate Rune, Chameleon Rune, Antidote Rune exhaustion from 2000 to 1000
-Sudden Death Rune, Great Fireball Rune, Great Divineball from exhaustion 1600 to 2000
-Find Person, Creature Illusion, Invisibility, Cancel Invisibility exhaustion from 2000 to 1000
-Conjurable runes and ammunition exhaustion from 2000 to 1000
-Wild growth rune is now only useable by druids
-Physical attacks by spells are now properly blocked by armor values.

01 Dec 2018