Server Maintenance

Download new client here
During today server save, world will be under maintenance. 
Time: 12:00 - 12:45

23 Mar 2019
Client/Game Update

Whats new?
During this update, due to lots of changes/additions - the old client won't work anymore.
                                    Download newest client HERE
Client update :

-Every extra attribute will be shown on skills window via green font.
-Overall optimizations
-New rendering system
-Extra libraries for older machines
-Ingame shop items description has been added

Paperdoll system :
-Everyone receives special outfit for limited time. 
-While using Paperdoll outfit, every item you are wearing will be visible on your character. 
-List of "wearable" items CLICK HERE.

Aura System : 
-All kind of Aura Orbs can be forged at Blacksmith NPC in Diamond Island by using Aura Elements
-Certain full sets like Hunter Set grants unique aura arround your character
-Aura Orbs grants unique aura arround your character + extra statistics
*Skull Auraorb: +8 melee skills, +3 magic levels
*Demonic Auraorb: Dying with this Aura, reduce your death penalty (exp) by 50%
*Pyromancer Auraorb: +30% your FLAT hp/mp
*Hunter Auraorb: Protection all + 15% 
*Godly Auraorb: Loot increased by 10% + Faster Regeneration
*Ice Auraorb: You reduce paralize effect by 30% + 100 HP

Crafting system :
-Blacksmith NPC has been added in Diamond Island
-Cursed Blacksmith NPC has been added north west from Thais main gate
-Lava / Swamp / Skull fishing rods can be crafted at Cursed Blacksmith NPC
-Hellforged hammer can be crafted at Cursed Blacksmith NPC

How to obtain Aura Elements ?
1)Use special fishing rods to gain Skull, Pyromancer, Hunter Auraorb Elements
Default fishing rod requires worms as bait to catch fishes, here it works similiar but you need :
-Lava fishing - Demon Father Hands as bait
-Swamp fishing - Dragon Tails as bait //done
-Skull fishing - Undead Hydra Heads as bait
2)Use Hellforged Hammer at stones/rocks arround the map to gain Godly, Demonic, Ice Auraorb Elements


21 Mar 2019
Client Update #2

                                                  Download latest client HERE
Client Update

-Light scrollbar has been added (options/graphics)
-Tooltips from runes/items without attributes has been removed
-Fps drop issues has been solved
-Character auctions vocation name has been dded
-Character walking preferences (options/keyboard)
-Client is packed up in RAR , due to many issues for players with 7Z

26 Feb 2019
Update / Fixes

Whats new?
During this update, due to lots of changes/additions - the old client won't work anymore.
                                    Download newest client HERE
Client Update:
-Marking on map working properly
-Mana bar under hp bar is added
-Shop in game, no need to login website anymore for buying items
-Character Auctions in-game shop, no need to login website anymore for bidding characters
-You are able to put your character on auction directly from client, you will receive 50% of points from final bid/price.
-Auto-Trade messenger has been added
-Tooltip system with info about items
-New, easier and more intuitive "outfits window"
-4 new inventory sloots has been added
*Aura Orb

Game Update:
-18 new items for new slots has been added (earrings,bracelets,aura orbs)
-Whole Rorina storyline quest has been reworked.
You have to complete every part of storyline to move further.
For example if you haven't finished first part of Rorina storyline quest, you won't be able to start second part.

Map Update:
-PoH Blood Spiders cementary revamped
-Ankrahmun North Dragon Spawn (DL’s above remade)
-Ankrahmun Middle Dragon Spawn (DL’s downstairs remade)
-Darashia Minotaur Dungeon revamped
-Darashia Vampire Hell & Necromancers revamped
-Inquisitors Tower revamped
-Blue Knights spawn at Black Knight quest revamped
-Hero’s, Black Knights, Old Heroes, Demon Father and Frozemoth’s spawn west of Carlin revamped.
-Rorina second part ( lvl 60 ) revamped
-Dragons spawn Darashia revamped
Heavenia Changes:
*6 new houses
*Whole revamp of area
Rookgaard Changes:
*10 houses added
*1 guildhouse added
*Task NPC added

Other fixes:
-Stone timer at Rorina 5 quest has been highered
-Skill reducer curses from Betrayed Wraith / Dark Torturer has been removed

Point 5 has been added to WAT Rules:
5. Illegal Trading
a)You are not allowed to trade in-game items, accounts, money or services for goods, accounts, services or money outside of our server.
b)You are allowed to trade your character for other characters, items or premium points in-game.
c)You are allowed to trade items for premium points.
d)You cant trade your account, character, items or premium points for anything outside of the server. This includes other servers, real tibia, real money and other non-tibia games.
e)If your trade cant be completed inside of WeAreTibia OT then its an illegal trade.

25 Feb 2019
Happy Valentine Day !


To celebrate Valentine Day, everyone received extra 50 shop points ! 
Also 24h double chances of looting Rare/Epic/Legendary Items !

14 Feb 2019
New Game Client !

We have updated WeAreTibia game client.
To download the newest client visit download section or click here.
New client features :
-High performance/smoothness
-Hotkeys settings are assigned to characters
-Extra left/right panels that can be used for extra backpacks/skills bar/vip list etc.
-NPC names in blue colour
-Experience progress bar
-Smooth Walking
-Smart Walking - for example combine left/down arrow to move diagonal
-Walking keys sensitivity
-Walking keys auto-repeat

The old clients will be still available to use for couple of days.

29 Jan 2019