Website / Game Update

Website update
We have enabled changelog website, feel free to check it out to be updated about latest changes.
Server update
-Added runes to NPC Xodet at Thais
-Great Mana Fluids are buyable now at all Magican stores. 
-Adjusted poi monsters loot, they had some missing things
-Fixed diamond items names
-Added decay to broken diamond
-Added body for blue knights
-Fixed Frozemoth body
-Fixed blue robe description
-Tall Dwarf renamed to Dwarf Slayer

18 Nov 2018
Diamond Island Update

Time has come to release the Diamond Island ! You can travel there from Thais Boat !
First Diamond Island Event will be hosted tomorrow ( saturday ) ! 

16 Nov 2018
Update Teaser

07 Nov 2018
Money Contest

We will give the rewards at 03.12.2018 to the TOP 3 Highest Levels Players !
1. 50$ 
2. 25$
3. 100 shop points
Happy Power-Gaming !

09 Nov 2018
New World ! 03.11.2018 18:00 CEST

Server Rates
*Loot rate 3x
*Skill rate 7x
*Magic rate 3x

Experience rates
*From: 1-50 10x
*From: 51-90 5x
*From: 91-150 3x
*From: 151 - 2x

24 Oct 2018